portion of the artwork for Justin Hyde's poem

four years in
Justin Hyde

“i think
you need
a different kind of man,”
i told her
as we sat in front of the camp-fire
seven to ten
gin & tonics long

this was
mostly true
& mostly desiccated
masquerading as pity

she flung her gin & tonic
in my face

slapped me
off the back
of my chair

i popped up

began vivisecting her
all over the campground
with an acid
hectoring tongue

she got away
long enough to call her parents
two & a half hours away

they showed up
with the sheriff
in & out
like a pogo stick

i fell asleep
on the grass
in front of the camper

a vineyard of
heaven & hell
wrapping my body
like a toga

in the morning
a hundred flowers
whose names
i imagine you know

began to bloom
& rust.

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FRiGG: A Magazine of Fiction and Poetry | Issue 51 | Spring/Summer 2018