portion of the artwork for Justin Hyde's poem

the parole officer
Justin Hyde

around the neighborhood
the parole office

picks up wrappers
other trash
dumps it in the garbage
in front of the ymca
across the street
from the parole office

a small a-frame
with two picnic tables
next to the ymca

a young black man
sits at one picnic table
a basketball
between his legs

at the other picnic table
a very old black man
blue-black & ashy
leaning over
head in his hands

the parole officer
walks by
stops & leans
against a sign for
a park
that doesn’t exist

his coworkers
tell him he is
walking around this neighborhood

he is
going to get shot

there are
no gunshots

nothing moves

not even
the pair of sneakers
hanging from the power-line
above his

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FRiGG: A Magazine of Fiction and Poetry | Issue 51 | Spring/Summer 2018