Season Harper-Fox’s Comments

Everything I write is the truth and yet fiction (not necessarily in that order). I had fun writing these three pieces. They were all parts of larger projects and I started messing with them, honed them down, and discovered a love for the short-short form.

“Me and Marilyn”
Someone close to me checked himself into a psych ward and I tagged along, fascinated with the details. I examined his room, sat in the wobbly chair, and obsessed over the fact that they took away his shoe laces, his belt. His Swiss Army knife. I mean, his shoe laces, you know? Other observations: lots of chain-smoking and lots of rapid-fire talking. I’m not sure if it was just me, but I felt a nervous, energized vibe. It’s always stuck with me.

The Marilyn Manson part of the equation? I’d been reading his autobiography, The Long Hard Road Out of Hell. And I related to him. So much. I hadn’t expected that.

“Tripping in Lincoln”
I was once successfully wooed with Gregory Corso’s “Marriage.”

“Snakes in the Material”
Did any girl growing up in the ’70s ever actually like home ec.?

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