our own assess to the fire trump morals every time
Justin Hyde

it was me
and three laotians
in the sensor dept.

the supervisor
had three small mirrors
rigged to the side
of his computer.

no, no, you’re
half assing it,
he’d dart over
and yell in a mousy voice
at the slightest misstep
or perceived
lack of output.

he found out
i had a
college degree (he
had an a.a.
in agricultural

i no longer got the
mirror treatment
and he started
sitting next to me
at lunch.

told me
the only thing
those people understand
is absolute authority
and fear,

how a man
of my intelligence
surely could see that.

what i saw
was any one of the laotians
outclassed him as a human
ten to one (i wanted
to jack the ignorant fucker
straight in the teeth)

but i just nodded
and chewed silently.

they were paying me
thirteen per.

my father
was charging me
two-fifty a month
to sleep on a couch
in the basement.

student loan gestapo
had found me

and the repo man
was hot
for my car.

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