A Runcible Spoon
Jai Britton

Relocated in Tranquility
will be the title
of my next book.

It will be a memoir
of how I was force-fed
Lear and Carroll
until I threw up jabberwocky juice.

“Oh, why couldn’t I
be a lowly rocket scientist
instead of a writer
condemned to the seven lower limbo levels
of creative wonder?!”
I’ll lament.

I’ll wish to have an ass
the size of an office chair
that swivels and rolls (yes,
both my ass and the chair).

I’ll moan for days spent
in the company of people
I loathe,
instead of by myself
(perhaps no difference here).

The first half will be about
(so will the second half—
who am I kidding?)

When it’s printed
I’ll make tons of cashola
and learn how to snort coke
in squiggly lines
—what a wonderful squiggly, you are, you are,
what a wonderful squiggly you are.