portion of the artwork for Matt Morris's poetry

No Psychiatry
Matt Morris

like a puppy licking your face
dr smith was fond
of saying his tight-lipped grin
multiplied infinitely
along the mobius strip
of his double chin
surely he knew putting
aside the question
of its validity which
was farfetched at best
the licensing board john
robinson md phd dod headed
took a dim view of licking
patients & still smith
persisted dispensing pills
& platitudes in larger
& larger doses
till one of the robinsons
judy I believe though maybe maureen
bit his prone to wag finger
nearly off he kept what deeds
he did since god was deaf or dead
to rid this city of its homeless
blight hush-hush but barely
eluded prosecution after penny
robinson’s teary testimony
I wasn’t surprised to hear
that he’d disappeared for
whatever else he was
smart as a 5 star state
of the art artificial
heart as they say so
I never thought he’d get caught
in his own crazy trap
sabotaging a spaceship
to kill every last
robinson except for
dear sweet precocious william
or rather especially him

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FRiGG: A Magazine of Fiction and Poetry | Issue 54 | Fall/Winter 2019