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“Sun Prints”
Welcome to Snake, a fictional town near Needles, California, whose map I drew for a degree in creative writing. I wanted to explore the interaction between a resident, who knows this is his home forever, and a casual visitor, who stops briefly to take advantage of the place. And a yearning for friendship that encounters thoughtless cruelty.

“Common Language”
I did meet a poet, with whom I corresponded for a few years, and about whom I wrote this story. I recently searched for him again. But what I found shook me.

gathering postcards
clues to itinerary
nowhere on this earth

“Clown Nose”
One November, National Novel Writing Month, I accepted the challenge of NaNoWriMo and wrote every day, creating a novel of interlinked stories set on a train. Every morning I walked up the hill, letting ideas percolate to consciousness, often based on things I’d read or researched, conversations I overheard, or objects I noticed at the curb. I wove a version of this story from the threads of an article I read about clown noses, the seemingly invisible life of a service worker, and the misunderstandings and fascinations people have around carrion-eating birds, particularly vultures.

“Other Weddings”
A conversation with a friend about whose clothing tag you can touch and an article about rats prompted this entirely fabricated story.

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