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This piece is CNF, actually. I’m a lunatic mom who adores her kids and peddled my way through being a single parent.

“Where I Am Right Now”
I adore writing from a male POV, and when I do so, I often think of how I would like a man to think about me.

This is a story of longing, which we all can relate to. I hope you enjoyed it.

“Marmalade and a Biscuit”
As you know from reading, this story centers on questions to do with, what happens when we die?

In a way, Esme is me! Esme is all of us! As I believe these questions are universal, but something we don’t talk about.

She came to me as a visual and was written in one fell swoop. I love her.

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FRiGG: A Magazine of Fiction and Poetry | Issue 59 | Spring/Summer 2022