portion of the artwork for Theo LeGro's poetry

tell me you love me despite everything I’m about to say
Theo LeGro

what if          i showed up at sundown        because             it’s  getting darker                               faster                  again
what if i fell             asleep                   at the wheel              in your bed                               on the phone with you
on the other end        breathing            what if                 i never called you               until i did           what if           i got real
quiet                      again                    i forget                  nothing                            every cheeked pill for a friend
the kind of morning that itches                 the willow tree in the backyard             we had
to cut down                       tell me                   you love me                and i’ll tell you                mandolin means knife
because of how i feel                    when i hear east virginia blues          i’ll tell you               i treasure lost things
because                they are lost               look          i know love                      can be ugly                            but i want to hear it
anyway                             everything doesn’t need                              to be beautiful                                         the possum
under the deck                   while my father was dying                       had milky red eyes                      and whiskers
matted                     with cat food                     her pointed little nose           pink as a burn       she kept me
company          while i smoked                  in the dark          by the broken back              porchlight smeared
with dead gnats              and torn moth wings               so tell me                     you love me                    tell me      love
will fix everything                 and i’ll tell you                love                   will fix nothing                  and i don’t care
love me  so much                   you will do                   what you won’t                i’ll tell you         a secret
i don’t know      what love is              but unmaking                a fist            hands                    grown soft                  far away 

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FRiGG: A Magazine of Fiction and Poetry | Issue 59 | Spring/Summer 2022