portion of the artwork for Roy White's poetry

Roy White’s Comments

“Hello Kid Me”: As a child I didn’t understand that escalators have a loop of tread; I imagined the tread threaded like movie film, piling up all day in the basements of department stores. Also, did I mention that I am blind? That might be helpful to know.

“Post Punk”: Having just read Chrissie Hynde’s disturbing memoir, Reckless, I consoled myself by sending her to the most beautiful place I know, the north side of the Dingle Peninsula.

“Our Vegetable Love” is for Kelsey and Janelle; this does not mean they are the couple in the poem, of course. The speaker is a composite of several people, including myself in drag.

“Sublunary”: The moon is always trying to fall to Earth, and always missing because of its sideways motion. Back in the day, the moon was the boundary between the sublunary world, where we love and die, and the heavens where the spheres play God’s favorite song in endless rotation.

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FRiGG: A Magazine of Fiction and Poetry | Issue 49 | Spring/Summer 2017