Love Is in the Eye of the Besotted

Angela J. Perry

You said no, I abhor that word
So I took a nose-dive into Tom Foolery at break-neck drunkenness
Now I’m pigeon holed into this chicken fit
And although the fault line is jinxed with malformalities
You, my friend, are not blameless
Sure, I may have barreled around sporty and saucy
Looking for my chops under every cute nutshell
Leaving my victims fuck-struck in the dust
But in the end I come out as a twerpy greenhorn
That’s merely decent with a taco slingshot
You and your teacup brain are still capable
Of torpedo like heart racket
With a sigh and a gaze from those opals in your eyes
You have caused a fracas in my plasma
Leaving me to sift my leftovers through your fleshy mesh
And I wanna fling shit,
Set forth rottenness hexes,
And leave you waterlogged with regret
But in the end
I was the one that plunged myself
And you stood still
And although I still feel bits of your something
I’m left giddieless with a slain crush
And the saline burns and rips through it all
Making pain a reality
In my gnomey little cartoon world