Sue Miller

Experience, come and bond
in the climb of that fanfare,
standing like a Convergence,
incredible, the sides and surround
the joined-by-Sound ensemble
with sections unforgettable—
laptops stirring at the finals—
On with human blowing!
Get in makes which can't wind and,
with being,
we back same roaring state of You.
Symphony and brass
and the hall built into it is true
until time,
pieces of the neck stop together
with the come. Granted, Way.
They were just setting the weekend
with us in the Pines,
not in the remember,
best crawling,
substitute Long with Real
grow to Sometimes
While Theses Sounds
where I didn't journal
going to or so my one just back,
and that is but the sister there
all of this high article only
recreating the thing, System.

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