A Documentary Unraveled by Butterflies
Maurice Oliver

By using some Oscarwinning special effects itís í68 & the Grand Canal smells like rosewater. The downside is I have only 3 minutes to capture the spirit of:

the gondola accused of being the nuisance caller

barbed wire claiming a kinship to kosher food

a rain forest responsible for the loss of cabin pressure

the original checkerboard used by Wyatt Earp

a pewter noose soaked in mucous membranes

the murderess urinal on trial for manslaughter

the latest gynecological practices using German carols

all of Morocco wearing a robe but no veil

the brief history of every Paris porn shop

P.S. I had wanted to include a winter retreat full of sex toys but I forgot to
dig the hole narrow enough for the Seine to be considered anorexic.