portion of the artwork for Rachel Wiley's poetry

My Two Weeks’ Notice
Rachel Wiley

Ladders are for getting down
as much as they are for going up
no matter the red sleeplessness of my eyes
or the nest of open and angry mouths that chirp me here
I am clinging to this with only my hands
my heart is claws and teeth
begging me to trust the ground
it would remind me that blood is only blood
and there will be more
that money is only paper
and there will be more
that the sun only stays in the sky for so many hours
and I am missing it
it gargles and spits this against my chest
back washes a tide that smacks
“Let go”
“Let go”
Yesterday it was a licking at dry sand
This morning it was rolling and formidable crash
By the time I punch the clock to go home
it will be a perfect storm I ride out on #96 crosstown bus

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FRiGG: A Magazine of Fiction and Poetry | Issue 38 | Fall 2012