portion of the artwork for Kelly Boyker's poetry
Open Letter to the Developer of the X-Ray
Kelly Boyker

Dear Professor Rontgen:

An African chameleon crawled down my throat and lodged in my lungs. It was merely trying to contact its dead. Now, if my body is placed between the discharge tube and the screen, the outline of a prehensile tale is visible within the shadow of my lungs. What is also visible: stamped bore, indent markings, lead pellet, double barrels. Memo to body: I possess photographs of the bones of the head, a wire wound spool, a metal compass. What is killing the patient is less graceful than a bullet and sharper than a nail. Professor Rontgen, sir, concentrate please on moving in circles, contemplate sticky rhizomes, pay attention to the weight of the cathode tube on the edge of the bed. So what if you can prove a mummy’s secrets or locate a nail within a child’s hand when you cannot cut the creature from my body? Even I can produce evidence, both photographic and anecdotal, that it has three toes.


Wurzberg, Germany


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FRiGG: A Magazine of Fiction and Poetry | Issue 33 | Summer 2011