portion of the artwork for Daniel Gallik's poetry
The Tumble of Images in a Paradym
Daniel Gallik

Moggins laughed, you can count
on your fingers. As a surgeon
saws them off saying there is
lazaretto needed in emergency;
as his children whimper. He
goes, such are the young this
day in America. Too afraid to
lose things, and all they do is
cry. Moggins’ wife is away at
the time. Moggins desires to
dance. Has to await his mind
clearing. By the end of the day
the booze in the house will flow.

The kids, Laz and Kin, then will
laugh with their old man. And
mom will hear of the operation
by then. No one will know why
the fingers had to be cut off.
As another Bush has another term.
And world politics quiet. Wars
go on. Every four years or so.
America tends to the young from
their travels. & cars keep a-
coming off the line. Gas gets
less, and more expensive. And
all goes right with families.

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FRiGG: A Magazine of Fiction and Poetry | Issue 33 | Summer 2011