portion of the artwork for Ken Poyner's poetry
The Princess
Ken Poyner

There were the green eyes, the ferocious
Tongue, the immaculately powerful legs.
You sat as quiet as a stone
Complete in your half depth of water
Awaiting, awaiting, awaiting
The stray dragonfly, even a pond skimmer.
You were lovable then, my object
Of two dimensional desires,
Perfect in your amphibian ways,
Your calls on the night air
Buoyed by nothing more than casual humidity.
What at first was noise and then
Nature I came to love as
Thrilling, voice, songs of warm futures
Of ourselves wrapped in each other numerically.
The one kiss that only I could give,
The one kiss leading to all of our shared
Story, the intimacies circled by
“Happily ever after”: it was
My gift, my choice. You sat
With your throat quilled with longing,
Equally at ease in your apparent species
Or the promise of mine, two paths
To the same rapacious end. You, with that
Self-important pout, the power
In your spine ready to strike at anything.
And I, with but one kiss, one
Stupidly surface skimming kiss
To set you loose
Into my unyielding and innocent world.

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FRiGG: A Magazine of Fiction and Poetry | Issue 32 | Spring 2011