portion of the artwork for Mike Berger's poems

Walking in Rain
Mike Berger

My old hat dripped water from
the brim. Large droplets dripped
before my eyes bringing a broad
smile. The rain danced a staccato
ballet across the old stone path.
Leaves glistened as the water
pooled on them. I jumped a shallow
puddle and splashed down sending
droplets everywhere. Little streamlets
formed in the darkened earth; the smell of
wet earth tickled my nose.

I shoved my hands deep in my pockets
as the rain made them cold. My nylon
jacket shed the wet. Across the way
people were huddled under a small
umbrella. What a pleasure it is to
stroll in the rain. As the rain clears
the air and cleanses the Earth,
it does the same for my mind.

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