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Mary Caldwell-Kane’s Comments

On “The Beginning of Over”

I collect stories on why duos combine or uncouple. My reasoning: to figure out the formula to the relational Rubik's cube. One moment there is congruence (afterglow faces balanced angstroms from one another). With the next turn, there is only clashing colors, creased brows and unexpected distance. Is there even such a thing as clicking permanently into place? I want to cheat and pound this pivotal puzzle into submission.

On “the problem with virtual places”

Machine language has taken the place of the spoken and handwritten word. Gone are the heartfelt utterances and perfumed love letters of yesterday, replaced with yawning metallic impassiveness. Pixels are sneaky bastards, and lack direct expression. Real sincerity resides smack dab in the fleshy middle of the human pupil and cannot be read without physical proximity. Everything else is just a load of manipulated data.

On “Ootheca”

We mate
give birth
and let go.
We’re animals.

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