Icon in Green
John Oliver Hodges

Many worship Jesus, worship fast cars,
old cars, cute girls in bars or stripes
and stars, a dollar bill, a fish to kill,
a football, a boob filled or the thrill of
crystal meth, cell phones, a pocketful
of seeds to grow an orchard with;
but me worships the sludge of
the box filled with vegetable matter,
peanut butter, pizza batter, cans of beets and
bottles of wine, coffee, chocolate, filet
mignon and ketchup and cat litter, a knife to
cut your bread with and rolls of stickers that
say BUY ONE GET ONE FREE; but what I
really love about the icon in green is
your prayers are always answered, the icon
always delivers, be it squash or figs from
Turkey or yogurts or cheddar, the finest foods
the world can offer thrown away, there
for the taking; and I plunder her (the icon
is a woman), haul off with stuff to fill my
freezer with, and eat the cheese of Jesus,
who split a single fish into hundreds.

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