Baby That’s Great You Barely Scratched It
Mark Lipowicz

The shot suspension on his pickup doesn’t creak
when he says “you look nice did you lose
some weight” instead of “baby when you gonna
get a grip on that ass” and it’s one more quart
of nitro sloshing back and forth
in his gas tank that doesn’t blow
when she tells him the dog threw up in the bucket
seat and he keeps his voice air-conditioned
doesn’t bite says “baby that’s OK
I love the little pooch as much as you
so what if he’s a hairball with a fly’s IQ”
that last bit he mutters in his armpit
which she pretends not to hear or see
like when he scratches his crotch in public
with his hand down his pants when he kisses
all her friends on the lips like lovers
which some of them would go for god help them
he’s a cute one but if she asked him
for the entire truth it’d be like
letting eggs roll loose in the cargo bed
and she doesn’t want to get fucked
having to clean up the yolks by herself
and she knows how he loves that truck.

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