Carl Miller Daniels’ Comments

Sometimes I see myself like this: a gay, nihilistic, agoraphobic, iconoclastic, wild, timid, misanthropic, nature-worshipping, loud-mouthed Romantic! Not only that, I drink a lot of alcoholic beverages! My analysis: I guess these poems are the product of this combination of traits. Actually, I think I was in some kind of trance when I wrote them. Upon re-reading them now, I think they’re darker than my usual stuff—I usually have a lighter touch, in my opinion anyway. But I guess sometimes the dark side just takes over for a while, now doesn’t it? (Upon further examination, it seems to me that these poems do exhibit a typical characteristic of many of my poems: they feature a lot of sexy naked young men doing sexy activities. I guess I just must like thinking about certain things more than others, huh?)

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