Mark Lipowicz

I hate to read an email address
or URL in a poem, don’t you?
It’s not done, the Internet might
be a transient phenomenon.
Of course I like to see an author’s name
though it could be replaced
with a Social Security number
or a sequence of DNA.
But the idea of a name,
that has stood the test of time,
from “Yahweh” and “Adam” to whatever
you named your children.
When the scientists in Scotland
cloned a sheep, the first thing they did
was name her “Dolly” after a country singer.
Dolly Parton has only a snailmail address,
Crockett Road, Route 1, Brentwood, Tennessee.
If you write to her, don’t forget
the Zip Code, 37027,
and tell her “I Will Always Love You”
is my favorite song of hers.

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