Five Pop Quizzes
Matt Bell

Pop Quiz: Question #14
A man and a woman have been dating for two months when the woman gets a new kitten. One day, she accidentally lets it outside while opening the door for the man. The two search the yard, but can’t find the kitten.

Eventually, the man can’t look anymore. He has to go to work. As he pulls out of the driveway, he hears a sickening crunch from his passenger side rear wheel. The kitten was asleep atop his wheel, and now it’s dead. The man goes inside to confess.

Q: Is this the end of their love? Why or why not?

Pop Quiz: Question #22
These are the shoes she wears to work. These are the ones for running, exactly two miles per day, rain or shine. These are three pairs of heels for dressing up, dyed three basic shades.

There are other shoes. Example: Homecoming, homecoming, prom, and prom, one pair for each nervous boy.

Those sensible ones? Those are the flats she wears to family funerals.

And that pair? The ones stored in their original box, even though the left one has a broken strap? She wore those the night she met you.

Q: Are they her favorite pair? Explain your answer.

Pop Quiz: Question #37
A man and a woman have been dating for two months. They first have sex on the second date, and three times a week thereafter. After the first month, the man finally notices that the woman never urinates at his apartment or at hers when he’s around. At least, not while they’re awake.

During the night, long after lovemaking and cuddling, she gets up and sleepwalks to the adjoining bathroom. The sound of her bladder emptying echoes through the apartment, then she comes back to bed and falls asleep.

Q: Why doesn’t the woman trust the man? Show your work.

Pop Quiz: Question #66
A young man goes to his girlfriend’s parents’ for Thanksgiving. This is the first time he’s met her family, so he stays quiet during the meal. Later, he sits down on the couch to watch football with the other men. The girlfriend’s father and brothers and uncles all fall asleep by halftime, their bellies full of turkey and can beer. The young man also sleeps. It is the most peaceful rest he’s had in months.

Q: Does this mean his girlfriend’s family accepts him? Use the real life example of adopted wolf pups in wild packs to explain your answer.

Pop Quiz: Question #72
You and your wife are friends with another couple. The holidays are approaching, so you buy them a gift meant for both of them, one that you think they’ll enjoy together. The week before Christmas, you hear that the man’s wife has died while putting up their artificial tree. She pricked her finger on one of the metal branches, got tetanus, and died quickly. Her husband is understandably inconsolable.

Q: Do you return the gift you’ve purchased or give it anyway? Discuss the pros and cons of each choice. For extra credit, identify the ideal gift for the widower.

“These pop quizzes first appeared as part of my microfiction site, Dancing on Fly Ash, which I write with another Saginaw writer, Josh Maday. I’ve always enjoyed writing them, and love it when people answer them in the comments on my site. Feel free to stop by and find these ones or new ones and answer away. I try to respond to the comments there whenever I can.”


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