Groundhog Day (1994)/
The Last Temptation of Christ (1988)

Emily Brungo

Jesus wakes up to Sonny & Cher at 5:59.
Some days he takes piano lessons,
others he sculpts blocks of ice. Jesus

has acquired a taste
for sweet vermouth and husky,

rodents. And all of this,
all of this,
to win the heart of Andie McDowell.

No. Barbara Hershey?

The same mane of brunet curls, same
non-descript blank canvas of a face on which
Jesus (or any man) could

project himself. And isn’t there just one
woman, really? One woman
who just wears a slew of assorted faces?

This all occurs
while Bill Murray,
savior hair grown out
like Neil Diamond,
decides if he wants
to be strung up
to bail out
the sinners of this world.

Originally appeared in Roux Magazine

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