My Wife’s Marriage
Defined in Third Person—
Hopefully Distorted,
Happily Awake, and
Honestly Exposed

Daniel Gallik

He is a man
who is, who is
a common type
of redundant
expression. Am-
bitious, an
adjective who
severely cries
and weakly
yells. He is
very much like
Vermont, thin
and screaming
toward Canada.
He is a man
who attracts
visitors. He
is a winter
sport, spring’s
yellowing vixen,
summer’s old nun,
and autumn’s
deadly luster.
Read Amendment 1,
and then, do
not follow it
with him. He
will love you
tomorrow very
thoroughly, then
hate you tomorrow.
You’ll cry, then
kiss his navel,
and take money
from his secret
belt. Your mom’ll
laugh in her
grave. Your angst
marriage. All
nuts. He is a dumb
American who is
carefully distort-

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