The Noncomplicity of Language Leads
to the Advent of Massive Episodes

Daniel Gallik

Silence your rhetoric, the retired
Eng. teacher said to wife, Leontine.
You are becoming Bartlett’s Quotations
on the subject of motility. Leona
smiles and says, yes, and you are
becoming a bitter, old Gidget. I mean,
since you started doing housework
and since you now cook us dinner, you
have lost your good looks to me. And
the kids, hell, they never want to
come visit us anymore. Georgge said,
And since you do nothing, you are
starting to look to me like a giant
Goodyear blimp sitting over an NFL
game in January when games mean, like,
something important to American life.

Leontine got her coat. Went out. And
Georgge heard their Ford Taurus start
up. And he never heard about the woman
again. Except for the lawyer calls
from downtown Cleveland. The boy had
to move out. Got an apt. near down-
town. In his dark mind he began to
only talk to himself. The words kept
being intelligent but they were now
never flung at anybody. Concerning
the above subject in paragraph one
he said, in this case, concerning my
above wife a variety of rhetorics
should have been sought, that I was
indeed actively pernicious rather than
being a passively inhibited abomination.

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