One Distressed Male and His Moods
Daniel Gallik

Hell, up at Stony, lakeside
you feel circumambient, yet
like you have privacy beyond
the serene. Joe had had two
bad days at work. One, his
job was ended; two, his girl,
Cind, who is a vp’s asst.,
left him for a vp. Drove up
to the cottage to drink all
the CC left in the cabin from
the previous summer. And he
accomplished that task the 1st
day. Was talking on the phone
to his wife back in old Ohio.
Hon, I need time to figure all
this out. I mean, I need the
profoundly silent air. I need
the hushed flame of sunset. I
need the sloping secret side
sts. of this tourist town. Di
breathed into the phone, and
I need you away from me. To
figure you out. Your cock is
talking to me from 400 miles.
I don’t like what it’s saying.
Always seems like it’s full of
cold cream. Joe coughed, I, I
still love you! I mean, honest!

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