The Rapture
Elizabeth Glixman

(inspired by the book The Rapture of Canaan)

My mother never wanted me.
I heard her tell the women in her card club
while I was slapping her belly from the inside.
She rubbed her skin asking for olives and bologna laced with pineapple
“Hell, another kid, another mouth to feed.
I’d rather buy a new car.
Too bad there is a law against drowning.”
I was drowning
in the pond in her belly.
Born and in sunlight here is my story
I am a character in a novel.
The girl said,
They made me climb the ladder,
Sit in the wooden tub.
Dropped the rope
They dunked me
I was a log splashing in the water
Baby and all in me.
I didn’t want my father to find out
Charlene, my best friend, told him.
“With child,” she said.
They dunked me in the pond
His pond. He owned everything
They all watched and hollered
My baby boy became a good swimmer
His thumb on his right finger
attached to his middle finger
Made him holy
He was the sign
The preacher said the sign
of the Rapture
Fear Him Not
Mother Mary I am not
I am in this world without husband
And father
With child
I don’t want either
Kicking hard
kicking so hard
I want her to
Fall into the doctor’s hands.
Let him feed her

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